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About Us

Mission Statement

Secret Fort Collaboratory™ got its name from the determined, child-like state of ‘pure mind’ that all human creative inspiration has as its source and thrives on, where anything is possible and limits are unknown. Growing up too often dims this innate fearlessness and native creativity. These capacities can be revived.


Secret Fort Collaboratory™ is a place to learn and share learning through project oriented ‘maker’ experiences for the purpose of initiating discovery and nurturing creativity in the very young through Seniors. We are the creative species and there are many lifetimes of work to be done to create solutions to the environmental, social and cultural problems the entire globe faces far beyond the 21st century.


Secret Fort Collaboratory™ is a real, sometimes mobile as well as a ‘cyberspace’ place for people to bring their heads, hands and productive capacities together to create a full spectrum of ‘things’ the individuals want to, but could not produce on their own.


Secret Fort Collaboratory™ is a creative and educational business that delivers arts consulting, design, and a variety of production services in traditional 2D, 3D and 4D* art forms, as well as contemporary digital media. The Collaboratory™ also develops educational opportunities and delivers teaching services.

(*Arts that employ Time: ie. Music, Dance, Theater, Film)